Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Best Boot Brands, Designer Shoes

Similar to how everyone has their own favorite brands of jeans, the best boot brands are often determined by how you plan to use them. What are the best boot brands? Ladies may love the plush and comfortable feel of UGG Australia boots while construction and factory workers will lean towards the rugged work boot brands like Timberland or Red Wing Shoes. However you use them, be it rubber boots for a rainy day or an expensive pair of dress boots from Cole Haan or Lacoste, likely you have a pair of boots around somewhere.

Though not really much different from regular shoes, boots are often taller and more rugged than tennis shoes. They can be built for use in the winter when snow and ice are factors, reinforced with steel toes for industrial applications or simply crafted from leather or suede to wear to the office. Others will be designed for specific uses, such as hiking boots or military boots. Regardless of the specific application, most of the best boot brands succeed in their main function, protecting the feet. But which boot brand is the absolute best? Which pair of boots can you not live without? Tell is by adding your favorite brand or voting for your pick below!

The Frye Company
Red Wing Shoes Design, Manufacturing
Dr. Martens Footwear
The Timberland Company Fashion, Textile, Footwear Manufacturing
Rocky Brands, Inc. Footwear Manufacturing, Footwear Manufacturing, Footwear
Converse Sports equipment, Footwear Manufacturing
Wolverine Textile, Footwear Manufacturing, Footwear Manufacturing
LaCrosse Footwear Athletic Shoes & Apparel, Footwear Manufacturing
Wrangler Clothing
Lacoste Clothing, Retail
kingmiru added RM Williams
RonKane added Meindl Manufacturing
carlybobarly added Blundstone Footwear
Levi Strauss & Co. Clothing
NecrosophicBlessing added New Rock Clothing
Ralph Lauren Corporation Textile, Design, Clothing
Ugg boots

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