Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes, Sports Shoes

best Nike basketball shoes has been voted on by sneaker fans and basketball lovers worldwide. When it comes to sneaker culture, Nike is one of the premier basketball shoes brands. Which one of us in the basketball boys club didn't want to own a pair of Nikes? While many other brands compete with Nike offering performance in basketball, among them Fila and Adidas, Nike remains the most sought-after brand when it comes to the backboard-slamming sport.

With superstar endorsers like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Lebron James, Nike rose to the top of the basketball sneaker world. No other brand has associated itself more successfully with the sport. But Nike has so many basketball sneaker models, with its share of successful and unsuccessful stuff. From cheap Nike basketball shoes to Nike youth basketball shoes, there's plenty to choose from. So if you're looking for the best basketball shoes to wear, check out this list of Nike basketball shoes and be sure to vote for your favorite sneaks!

Air Jordan The first ever sneaker that bore the name of its endorser and most celebrated user. Still the most commonly known Nike shoe.
Air Foamposite This shoe uses foam similar to sunglass containers, centered on protecting the feet.
Zoom Kobe IV Considered the best among the Kobe line of this brand. Light and Comfortable.
Dunks A 1980s design that continues to be appreciated by many Nike fans today.
Air Force One So popular that Nelly even wrote a song about it.
Air Penny 1 A comfortable and well-designed shoe carrying Penny Hardaway's name. Distinctive for its heel design.
Air More Uptempo Designed to bring more tempo to the already uptempo. Can't miss the bit "AIR" on the side.
Air Zoom Generation A futuristic sneaker based on Lebron James' Hummer. Really looks like it's driving.
Air Max 2 CB Charles Barkley's signature shoe wherein the lockdown straps are hidden, and the sole is designed to take the shock of a landing.
Shox An interesting concept that made use of springs under the heels to absorb the shock of jumping
Air Flight Huarache A high-cut shoe that's intended to feel like one's wearing socks, as well as to prevent ankle injuries.
Air Flight 89 is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list The Best Nike Basketball Shoes
Air Force Command Among the first high-cut basketball shoes to help prevent ankle injuries.
Air Max CB 34 Another Barkley signature, it not only has impact absorption, but also speed lacing features.
Air Pippen Although Pippen himself rejected this shoe designed for him, it's still desired by many shoe collectors and is known for its wavy look.
Zoom Flight 98 "The Glove" Fits like a glove, but moves like a car. Made for Gary Payton. And secured with a zipper!
Air Revolution One of the first Nike shoes with a high-cut ankle strap
Hyperize A solid performing shoe with great ankle support, while remaining light
Air Raid A rugged shoe known for its X-straps and designed for street basketball.
Blazer Among the earliest designs, reminiscent of Converse's Chuck Taylors.

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